Please note: we are only renewing GP, CA, CAA, WP, CY, CF, CFM and CEY licence numbers at this time.
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Get your vehicles' licences sorted

Don't give your licence renewals a second thought. Sorted is a web app that does it all for you.

Simple setup

Sign up for free in 2 minutes. Just upload a few documents and enter your address.

No forms. No queues

All it takes is a few clicks and we’ll handle the rest.

Email reminders

No more forgetting to renew. We'll automatically remind you in good time.

Add and manage all of your vehicles, whether 1 or 100.

Whether you own one car, run a dealership or have an entire vehicle fleet to manage, Sorted is the service for you. All it takes is just a few clicks to renew your vehicles’ licenses, and we’ll get the rest of it sorted.

No forms, no queueing. Plus you can keep track of each vehicle and renewal in real-time, and access your complete renewal history. Renewals have just got a whole lot easier!

Works on your phone, tablet and computer.

Sorted has been carefully designed to work on any device, so you can access the service wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need?

All you need is to upload proof of residence and a scan/copy of your ID. That’s it! No need to fill out any forms – we’ll sort out the rest.

What are the costs?

This is what your invoice will look like:

Your licence disc fee This differs for everyone, and is calculated according to car weight.
Sorted’s service fee R300

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